Wednesday, February 6, 2008

News Flash

Just to let you know I'm going to spin class tonight (I know, itsWeds.) so join up at 5:30 if you can. Also, I met with David Stryjewski, the executive director of the Y today and I'm on my way to becoming certified. You all should know that David was very familiar with our Fogbee blog(has read it) and also that I was "teaching" a class. He thinks it's a great idea and we are discussing, once I'm certified, doing a Thursday and Friday night class. I'll keep you posted.


Tom_E said...

Sounds great Gary. I'll see you there tonight, but on Wednesdays I do the "hoppin up & down" and weight-lifting class across the hall with the ladies.
Doug used to do "Jenny's" class but has really wimped out. I guess is too tough for him.

spinjunkie said...

Hi Gary,

Glad you and David were able to hook up about you becoming a cycling instructor. Gee, I wonder how he came to know about the Fogbees Blog...;-) Glad you're on your way to being "official". Nice to meet you Tuesday night too. :-)