Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Set Your Video Recorders

The Tour of California is underway and can be seen on Versus (Comcast 72). Check your local listings but generally there's a 1 hour summary at 10pm on weeknights and 2-3 hour broadcasts on weekend afternoons. That may be past most FOGBEES' bedtime thus the post title.

HighRoad (formerly T-Mobile) is now based in the US, but Slipstream is claiming to be the heir to Discovery as America's team. This may be one of your few chances to see Leipheimer, Contador and the rest of Astana since they are not invited to the Tour de France this year, much to Andrew's chagrin. If you're so inclined, you can protest by signing Leipheimer's online petition at http://www.letleviride.com/.

If you haven't watched the pros, prepare to be humbled. They are amazing.

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