Friday, March 7, 2008

Beer Run

Since the rest of you will be working out at the Y, I thought I would go for a beer run. Renee' mentioned they are having a Monet to Dali exhibit at the Frist, and I know of several Beer Establishments within a few thousand yards, of the Frist. If any of you and/or your wives are interested feel free to contact Renee.

Or if you just need a growler refill, I would be glad to do a complementary pick-up.



Tom_E said...

Yazoo doesn't open until 2 or 2:30PM on Saturday. If you are planning to view the Frisk in the AM you'll have to cool your heels. However, let me recommend the Flying Saucer (next door to the Frisk). It is a beer drink's dream house with over 300 beers on tap.

coastdownhills said...

Bret, if you are indeed going to Yazoo, I have a couple of growlers that could stand some Dos Peros. Wilma has been eying them for something to do with her Spring flower planting.

coastdownhills said...

A couple of growlers appeared among the nandinas in my back yard today. Let me know how may dead presidents will even the score.
Thanks Bret.