Friday, May 9, 2008


Brett's wife says she will coordinate the food. Phil and Bruce will help with cleanup and thanks. Friday the 20th doesn't work so I will call some other places Monday to try and find another place to have the party on June 21st. gary . . . Posted 5/11/08

The 21st of June was booked so I took the 2oth (tenatively) which is a Friday from 6pm to whenever. We can actually have the Clubhouse at 4 pm to set up so unless I hear otherwise I will advise Glen Oaks that the FOGBees intend to rock the house on that date. Please let me knowASAP if you or your spouse/friend can help in the following ways:
1: Someone to make sure what everyone is bringing as far as food and beverage.
2: Someone to put up just a few balloons and party items at the Clubhouse.
3: Someone to put together a cleanup crew that night.

I will get invitations that you can send to your friends so they can also come to the party.
Thanks ..Gary


monsieur cannonball said...

Gary, I will stay after the party's over to clean up. Rosemary will have to head home so I'll need a ride from one of my fellow cleanup crew. Any volunteers to join me ?

coastdownhills said...

I can help with clean up.