Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rogana Ride

Doug, although I'm still feeling somewhat scorched, I thought that route today added just the right amount of adventure to keep the wheels turning. Thanks for the rest breaks, the views along Greenfield , and the comraderie during and after the ride. It was good how we worked it out so each one had the ride they wanted and no one got left behind. David and Gary , I'm not sure why you wait for us , but I'm appreciative that you do. Brett, your a wandering prince for herding and guiding us along the way. We've a special thing as fellow FOGBees, unlike any band of brothers I've experienced yet. Oh, and by the way , Rosemary said my noggin looked no more or less hairy, but my butt seemed shaggier !


coastdownhills said...

Sorry I missed the ride yesterday. Really, really sorry. But did you know that Rogana is very near Paradise? Really! From Rogana you continue across 31 E onto Flat Creek, take the left, right jog and Paradise is on your right. Maybe a future variation.
See you Thrusday.

GARY said...

Well, I have to say the ride yesterday was a challenge,particularly with the heat. I'm sure everyone knows that I love to draft behind Mr.David and I appreciate his style of cycling. I thought all of us did pretty good considering the lenght of the ride and I was proud of Bob for hanging in there. Maybe, on a 95-100 degree day we may want to keep the ride under 50 miles but I'll do whatever everyone else wants. Heck, where else can I lose 4 pounds in 4 hours!

Tom_E said...

Bob did great, but Brett did better. He's a great coach & nurse for beginning riders. I can speak from experience. When I started riding on many a long ride I would look in front of me and see NO FOGBEES but I would look behind me to see ONLY Brett and hear him say, "Just take it ease. Watch your heart rate." I heard him again yesterday working with Bob and modifying the route to make it enjoyable for ALL of us.

BOB G. said...

Yes, Without Brett’s encouragement I may still be out there looking up at those %#@# hills. I really feel lucky to have found the group and I appreciate everyone’s willingness to help and make me feel welcome. Hopefully one day I will be able to provide encouragement to new riders.