Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deficient Road Design = Bike Injury

This picture was taken with a cell-phone on Bonita Pkwy Hendersonville on 7/12/08 after a FOGBEE cyclist distracted by traffic hit a grate over a storm sewer. The slots run parallel to the flow of traffic and are wide enough to swallow a bike tire. The smashed helmet, split into two, shows the damage as the grate caught the tire and cyclist went head first into the pavement. As the cyclist laid on the street, passing motorists called 911, which in minutes solicited a response of three police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance.

This accident could have resulted in serious back, neck, and head injuries and worse if the cyclist had fallen into traffic. Fortunately, after a thorough examination by the EMT's he walked away only with facial abrasion and a very sore back. (Click on photos to enlarge)

UPDATE 7/14/08: Biker has a fractured C7 vertebrae and will be seeing neuro-surgeon this Friday. His wife is upset because the grate is an obvious hazard. I explained that the Greenway Committee has brought these issues to the attention of Mayor Foster's office in past (Wessington Rd and Thornton Market) and received only promises of action. We expect a similar reponse until someone is seriously hurt.


Early Rider said...


Perhaps we should consider giving the helmet to David Hardin to exhibit in his shop for those who may not think a helmet is necessary.

Tom_E said...

Riding without a helmet is FOOL's play and unfortunately no display can change the minds of fools.

monsieur cannonball said...

Having sustained a serious biking injury, I have to say that the best medicine is riding with fellow bikers who can look out for one another. It doesn't gurantee immunity from accidents, but it eliminates a lot of them and certainly insures readily available assistance and reassurance when they do occur. Thank goodness Brad was spared worse injury and I pray for rapid recovery of his superficial injuries. And Brad, don't stop riding !