Monday, July 21, 2008

Hendersonville Greenway

. . . Frank Bowyer has a GOOD NEWS Report. He and David Hardin examined the proposed site for the Indian Lake Village Greenway last week. A path has been cleared and 10-ft wide stone trail constructed near the site of the new library. As you know this Greenway terminates at the little bridge over the CSX RR on STOP 30. This bridge will be accessible only for pedestrian/bike traffic.


KJ said...

I noticed yesterday what seems to be a pedestrian bridge crossing the ditch between the RR tracks and the "Streets".

It looks to be the "pedestrian bridge" shown on the bottom here -

Anyone know the timeline on the route crossing the train tracks and leading to Big Looey's?

coastdownhills said...

I took a meander down Old Callendar lane from BL's to the RR tracks. Looks like it will only take carrying your bike across the RR tracks to connect The Streets to BL's via the old road. The Streets side is a mess right now but I assume there will be a reasonable cycle connection from the Streets to the Greenway at some point. But you know I would never advise anything illegal like trespassing on CSX property.

Frank Bowyer said...

As far as I know, the greenway is not proposed to cross the RR tracks at the old Callendar Lane crossing. I've heard rumors (via H'ville Star News article) that the old rickety one-lane bridge at Stop 30 will become a pedestrian crossing. The only problem with that is that there is not currently a plan for a greenway from the library going east along the tracks to connect with the old rickety Stop 30 bridge. Judging from traffic patterns proposed for that area, you'll have to be creative and courageous if you want to access the Stop 30 bridge across the tracks. I am excited about the greenway; it's a positive step but we still have a long way to go!