Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fogbees take second place!

The Fogbees are already known to have the good looks when it comes to bike clubs but Tuesday night they also showed that they got the brains! The underrated team of Bruce, Brett, Renee, Gary, Andrew, Doug and Mr. Miley "held on" at Big Lou's last night in the "Battle of the Trivia Beer Drinkers" contest and took a $25.00 second place gift certificate to be used on Saturday after the ride at Big L's.
Several miscues led the Fogbees team to lose by 10 overall points including Gary's bumbling failure to wager any points the first 2 questions (which we got right but got no points!); Doug's over confidence when he "swore" he knew what year the 49'ers beat the Bengals ( he wasn't even close!) and Brett's final question bombshell when he missed the question "What was the name of the venue where the Blue's Brothers played (the song "rawhide")? The answer was not "Cowboy Bob's! Still, Bruce's amazing "Red Badge of Courage" and my "Billy Preston" answer had the crowd hating us even more,but in the end, too many miles, too much beer and a guy who knew what the "golden egg cup" teams were was too much for the Fogbees. Like they say "There's always next Tuesday"

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