Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hadley Bend Connector Inquiry/Response

Hey Gang,

I sent comments along to Liz Beeching at TDOT on the HBC and received a response this morning. I think she addressed the inquiry well but we could still use more folks sending comments and I included Ms. Beeching's contact info with her response.

Tim (Nik the Stik)

I am a cyclist who rides with a group out of Sumner County and one of our members, Dave Miley, attended the 8/14 meeting at Station Camp on the HBC proposal. Dave gave us some details on the meeting via a blog post that mentioned bicycle facilities may be a part of the project.

Having started some road cycling within the last year with an eye toward improving my commute and errand running options, as well as just getting out to ride, I am for anything, even toll roads, that will improve the opportunities for cyclists (and pedestrians) to be integrated into the transportation fabric of our state.

Some of our major arterials and collectors in the Nashville MSA, such as US 31 (E and W) and US 41, are not only horrible for cyclists but also motorists as well, with shoulders that are pitifully constructed or non-existent. Those that are ample for cyclists are so poorly maintained that cyclists do not want to ride on them for fear of major equipment damage and/or flat tires from debris.

So if toll roads are the answer, even with cyclists paying equally as drivers, or prorated down in relation to our superior road impact costs over automobiles, for access, they have my vote.
Thank you for your comments on the Hadley Bend Connector and tolling. Although TDOT saw some support for the Hadley Bend Connector during public meetings held this summer, there was also a strong sentiment from those against this project. The General Assembly requires strong public support for any proposed toll pilot project. The Commissioner is committed to this requirement therefore further tolling work on the Hadley Bend Connector will not occur. The issues relating to bicycle and pedestrian mobility you discuss are very important not only in tolling applications, but also on a broader level for all transportation infrastructure. While this project will no longer be studied as a potential toll facility, it may still hold value as a needed piece of transportation infrastructure. TDOT will support the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization's leadership in any further study of this project.

Again, thank you for your comments. I will be sure to include them in the record of public input for tolling.

Best regards,

Liz Beeching
Tolling Coordinator
Suite 700 J.K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0349
Main: (615) 253-2104
Cell: (615) 587-8246

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coastdownhills said...

I'm impressed you got a response. I just sent her an email encouraging consideration for cyclists if and when some connector is made to NE Nashville, and to continue considering us everywhere.