Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Will We Ever Learn

Fat old guys & Fine old gals,
Last night's ride was invigorating as we chased the sun to squeeze in one more thirtyish mile ride before summer is over. Unfortunately, darkness closed in on a few who were either still out on the road or were searching for presumed "lost sheep". As the delegated ride leader, I feel responsible for the unusual shot gun conclusion to an other wise well concieved ride. I allowed us to modify the ride after the start thinking that the fast group and the not so fast group were together respectively. All said and done , I apologize for the craziness that resulted last night. If anyone should know the disappointment of finishing a ride alone , then I am that person. So as to avoid repeats of last night's events, I recommend that we adhere to the mutual agreement that ride routes not be altered unless EVERYONE who started the ride is fully aware of the proposed change. It's a simple thing to do. It is the safe thing to do. It will insure that no one ever rides alone on one of our FOGBEE or FOGBEE Lite biking excursions. Just my take on it for what it's worth.

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