Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet Trail...

If anyone has thought about riding these two trail systems, I highly recommend it!!!!
This past weekend, 12 of us left Anniston on the Chief Ladiga Trail (actually in Weaver, AL) Saturday morning and took it to the GA state line where it joined up with the Silver Comet Trail. They actually just finished laying the last 2.5 miles of concrete a few weeks ago on the Silver Comet so there is no longer a detour (but bring your climbing legs for that section.
We then took the Silver Comet all the way to the end in Smyrna, GA. We spent the night at a LaQuinta Hotel and rode back on yesterday. Pretty much everybody rode completely self-supported. We logged about 105 miles each way (including mileage to hotel/Subway in Cedartown, etc.) and it was definitely a trip that I will remember for a long time.
I was amazed at the amount of the work and money that has been put into these 2 projects. Somebody had told me that GA had spent over 24 million dollars on the Silver Comet. The quality of the trails was outstanding and they extremely clean (the GA side was definitely nicer though, all concrete. Alabama side was asphalt). Anyway, just wanted to let everybody know that if you haven't ridden these yet, plan a trip. We had awesome weather, but a trip while the leaves are changing color, that might have made it even better.


coastdownhills said...

So many rides, so little time.

Doug_D said...

I scouted the Silver Comet for the FOGBEES and rode it from Mile 0 to the AL border. I agree it is a beatiful trail. There is one section that is not completed but the trail guides give you some scenic back road to ride. I can't remember the total mileage, but it was about 70 miles to the Chief Ladiga Trail. The Comet is fairly flat rail to trails for the first 40 miles (going from Atlanta), but then you hit an area where the rails are still active and the trail goes along creeks and roads and has some minor climbing. On a hot day, this can take some energy. There is a neat mountain tunnel that you go through at mile 31 that is in my opinion a highlight of the ride and a good rest stop. It is a great trail ride, and I would recommend going from Alabama and end in Atlanta where there is a lot going on. I think this would be a good and fairly easy century, probably somewhat like Clarksville. We should do this sometime. As Atlanta is south and a little more temparate, an early spring ride or late fall would be perfect for this trip.

GARY said...

As always, I'm in.