Monday, September 8, 2008

Cycling Safety with Numbers and Courtesy

As you know my philosophy with biking has been BE VISIBLE. Ride from locations where motorists will see us frequently. The FOGBEES intentionally ride down Gallatin Road for that reason. It is great to see Team Bikers Choice, ALL in uniform, also on our main thoroughfares. Now a national survey has verified that I am not a delusional Fat Old Guy on a Bike. Read from the BLOG below.


This article makes me think about Williamson County. There seems to be a lot of animosity between motorists and cyclists down there. Since I work in Brentwood, I have a lot of coworkers who live in Williamson County who, knowing I'm a cyclist, somehow feel the need to complain to me about the large groups who hog up their roads and block traffic for miles, or a cyclist who was rude to them in some manner. An important aspect of the article that was left out is that as the number of cyclists increases, the more important it is to show respect to motorists. I think the Williamson County problem of motorists vs. cyclists is the militant, "this is my road, too," mentality from several rude cyclists in that area who maybe take the Share the Road concept a little too far. We have to be sure that we don't act that way up here. Courtesy comes from "all" who share the road. As always, education is key!

Frank P. Bowyer, IV

Frank, It’s the responsibility of the Club to make sure its members BEHAVE and courteously follow the laws. We all have our independent cyclists who do what they want when they want, but hopefully enough peer pressure will convince them that they are only harming their friends. May I POST your note to our BLOG?


Sure. Most of the people I know (non-cyclists, that is) in Williamson Co hate cyclists and I just don't want that to happen here in Sumner Co. Education is also key for newbies, so they don't get hurt. Remember, according to law enforcement, it's never the driver's fault when there is an accident involving a cyclist. That needs to change too. Our clubs are key to education and exemplifying/enforcing good habits, both on and off of the road (greenways, trails, etc).

Frank P. Bowyer, IV

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Nik the Stik said...


I second that. It is imperative, I think, for groups like the FOGBEES to step up to the plate and swing for the fences when it comes to cyclist rights AND responsibilities. One cannot exist without the other.