Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello From Philly

Sounds and looks like the Little Miami weekend was a great, although damp success. I really hate that I missed it. The weather in Philly this weekend was a bit better (92 on Sunday). I have put some pics of the Schuylkill River Trail (Valley Forge to Philadelphia) on SnapFish in the Fogbees album. LOTS of bikers up here (two large supported rides this weekend), but still some of the same unappreciating drivers you have in Sumner. So far the rides are nice, my travel bike is holding up well, but I haven't found a Big Looy's yet. However, the Yeungling brewery is just up the road so I'll have to check it out.


Doug_D said...

Ed, you will have to find your Big Looy's and be the Founder of the FOGBEES "East". Glad you have found some bikers to ride with, now your job is to get the good ride and socialize group. May the FOGBEE force be with you!!

coastdownhills said...

Looks like some nice trails and interesting places to visit. It does indeed apppear to be an opportunity to spread the Fogbee gospel.

monsieur cannonball said...

Ed, don't have accurate tally on who's doing what distance in Jack 'n' Back yet. The concensus from the general group is to do the shorter ride to conserve time and energy for the party on the hill and for your party ( among the original FOGBEES ). Miley and Gary and Knake are certain to do the full 75 miler both ways. I was gonna do the 75 but feel that as the team leader I should go with the majority of riders. Besides I too am emphasizing the social aspect of this ride as in times past. Also, you should secure a roomate to bunk with.
Can't wait to have you ride with us , jersey and all. Phil ><>