Friday, September 19, 2008

Help with a Website

Hey Gang,

Shannon Hornsby at Walk/Bike Nashville has asked for my help in taking a critical view of their site, comparing it with similar sites, and offer suggestions to improve the content.

I'd like to extend that offer to all FOGBEES because ideas of many are better than ideas of a few.

Although WBN is not strictly a biking organization, and although they are more concerned with the Nashville area proper than the greater MSA area (including rural sections of Davidson County), I think we share the same passion for the future of transportation options for the area, especially cycling.

If you have a few minutes to take a peek, here is the site:

[In draft, the link wasn't showing up so you may have to paste it to the browser from here: ]

You can comment here or send me a email to I will making a list of all comments and talking with Shannon in the next month. I would like to be able to cite several FOGBEES ideas and hopefully facilitate our two groups working in concert on future projects.


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bkortness said...

On another note regarding Walk Bike Nashville, I am a bicycle safety instructor for them and we are always looking for others who would be willing to give some time to teach local children bicycle safety. It is really our opportunity as part of the cycling community to get children involved in our activity. If anyone is interested in this, please send me an email and I can give you the info on how to get started.