Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bell Witch Ride

Awesome, awesome, awesome ! Again I'm amazed by the opportunities to ride in relatively unspoiled beauty just outside my door. Phil and Lisa you out did yourselves picking the route we road today. The white tufted blue sky and warm comraderie were the perfect recipe for a most pleasurable trek. Tell the truth, Lisa, did you think at any time about swapping your bike for your convertible ? The Depot is now on my favorites list as well.


philandlisa said...

The car would have only come in handy for towing my butt up some of those hills! Other than that, the bike was perfect.

Tom Evans should get some credit for the route. Phil & I only tweaked it with a little local knowledge. It was really nice to enjoy new scenery -- even getting "lost" is more fun with friends. I believe the Fogbees would be welcome in Robertson County anytime.

Tom_E said...

It's always a great treat when both ride groups join and together enjoy some of the best trails in the county. It gets even better when every member takes her or his turn to share some aspect of cycling that is special to them. Thanks to Phil and Lisa who made sure this trip met the FOGBEE standard for a great time.

Christy said...

Great ride, wonderful company (as usual) - If the rabbits can tolerate it, I'd like to see both groups ride together again. I push harder when I'm chasing the guy/gal with the map. :-)

Lenny said...

Tom, Phil, Lisa…thanks for organizing a most satisfying ride! A handful of us made a couple of wrong turns but for me, that just adds to the fun and adventure. I especially enjoyed the ride back to Springfield and cruise through the greenway. And the Depot is now on my list of favorites too and is a must-visit any time I’m in the area. And Lisa - thanks for posting your ride photos on snapfish. We gotta do this one again some day!

coastdownhills said...

Phil, Lisa, Tom,
Thanks for introducing me to some fantastic new roads. And to Gary for sharing the spinich dip that held me till the next meal.
My pictures will be on Snapfish in a few days. Lisa has already posted the best one (Well, mine is better since hers has me in it.) so I'm in no rush.