Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The best way to promote an organization is through its Web Site, not through Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, or other personal Internet sites. Google FOGBEES and you can see what others use to find us. Surprisingly, our best links are through MapMyRide and Multiple Sclerosis sites. . . Click here to read more . . .


bkortness said...

Tom, I was just volunteering to do something to promote the club, I was of course going to add a link to redirect people to this site. I thought some added exposure couldn't hurt. If you think this is a bad idea, I will hold off on doing it.

coastdownhills said...

Having never even visited a MySpace page, this is admittedly an uninformed opinion but I agree with Tom that it would seem to dilute our efforts. Anyone who has not done so already would do well to visit the Ken Kifer treatise on How to Keep Traffic off your website. http://www.kenkifer.com/bikepages/advocacy/avoid.htm
Some things have changed since he wrote this but it was a real education to me.

Tom_E said...

Your ideas are great. Keep them coming.
In my note I was asking for help on our Web Site, which is our primary promotional base. What Russ did with our logo shows what can happen when talented people get involved. I prefer to have our best work where most people will go; then copy that work or reference it from less familiar outlets, such as the social networks. When I mentioned setting up a FOGBEE Facebook about a month ago, I got a lot of "what is that?"

By the way Bruce, what a great link at Ken Kifer. I hadn't seen it before. I am going to print it & paste it to my monitor.