Sunday, October 19, 2008

New FOGBEE Web Site

To assist those who wish to promote our Club, I have build a FOGBEE Web site using many of the links that were once part of this Blog. Our site (click here to visit) is larger than most Cycling Web Sites, but can still use contributions from you. Got some ideas? Got some movies we can put on YouTube? Found some problems with our pages? Please comment.

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coastdownhills said...

You obviously had too much time on your hands this week to have done such a big redo of the website.
But well done.
To all other Fogbees,
It is worth spending a few minutes to check out the website, both to get familiar with where things are and for some new content. At least it is new to me. Such things as helpful hints on using Snapfish. I have been mindlessly uploading my raw images but now see the error or my ways. Not only do I violate the 2nd rule of photography (Rule #1. Take lots of pictures. Rule #2. Hide the bad ones.) but also make it hard for others to get the best download.
There's more, so go looking.