Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The YMCA Spin

To further elaborate on the last post, there are several Fogbees that, during late October to daylight savings time in March, spin at the YMCA in Hendersonville. This includes myself, Doug, Mike K., Brett, Tom E., Allen, Phil, Bob, Andrew and a few others. We spin with others in a class on Tuesday's at 5:30 pm (we reserve a bike by calling the Y 24 hrs beforehand). We also started spinning together (Fogbees) last year on Thursday's at 6:30 for at least one hour. It developed into me bringing music and the group having a great time. We are doing this again starting tomorrow at 6:30 pm. I am NOT an instructor and I do not lead a class. I bring music and we ride together and we kind of follow each others lead. We do not, and can not, exclude other Y members although our prior experiance tells us that, at this time slot on Thursday, there will be mostly Fogbees. We would love to see the Fogbees Lites at this spin and there is no "leave in the dust" issue bc we each do our own pace on the stationary bike and we talk, joke and socialize with each other. We also get a good workout out of it. Of course, you do have to join the YMCA to spin but it's a great facility and you may be able to join monthly (You will have to ask about that with the staff). If anything just try it out once and see if you like it tomorrow as a guest. Anyway, see you all either at the Y or on Saturday.


BOB said...

I reserved a bike for the 5:30 class see you tomorrow.

Doug_D said...

I am also doing 5:30 and the 6:30 class. Can you play ABJ?? Rihana has some new stuff that would spin nicely.

The Secretary of Spin