Friday, January 30, 2009

Administrative Note

Some how several of the images that appear with this BLOG got wiped out. I guess around Tuesday. I have restored those that appear here, but I have noticed that some personal icons are gone and that Tim's (Nik-the-Stk) blog is showing similar loss (I think he linked to the images on the FOGBEE blog). For those of you with Administrative Privileges on the FOGBEE Google Accounts (e-mail, Picasa, Calendar, and Blog), please be careful. All these applications share the same one & only ID and Password (e.g. Blog images are saved on Picasa).

1 comment:

Nik the Stik said...

It seems to affect my site when viewed using IE browser because the personal photos are also missing. On the logos, I did a copy/paste on the code but may have not done it properly. Still, using FireFox at home all images appear fine.

That is on a guess because I'm not savvy enough to know if it is a browser issue or not.