Monday, January 12, 2009

Basic Bike Care

So far only Bob has definitely committed to helping with the Basic bike course and no one has definitely committed to attending. That's probably because I have not asked. So here it is. Below is a proposed outline and flier to post at Big Looy's. Please respond if you can help and if you will attend. Otherwise we can plan to ride.

Basic Bike Care

Topics, about 20 min as one group.
1. Making a bike rack from rope and garage hooks
2. Tires
a) Inflation: check by feel every ride, by gage once a week
b) Look for cuts and bits of glass once a week and after any leak
3. cleaning, after any ride on wet roads and about every 500 miles.
a) Spray drive train, rims and under bottom bracket with water, then detergent.
b) Scrub with brush.
c) rinse. Avoid spraying into hubs and bottom bracket. Dry chain with towel
d) Rinse STI works out with clean water about every 3 months.
4. Lubing
a) Apply Pro-Link to rear derailer pulley's, at moving parts of front and rear derailer, where cable passes under bottom bracket and to barrel adjusters. Also apply to moving parts of brake assembly.
b) Apply generous amount of Prolink to chain, spin, then remove excess. (Show how to make a long tipped applicator. Note removal of excess best done after a delay.)
c) STI. Re lube with WD40 while working through all the gears and applying brakes. About once a year add a silicone based lube.
5. Cable adjustments
6. Derailer stop adjustments.
7. spoke adjustments


1. Bike on racks to play with cable adjustments and derailer stop adjustments.
2. Truing stands to play with spoke tension and wheel truing
3. Bunch of front tires to remove and replace tires and repair punctures.
4. Chain breaking and repair station.


Tom_E said...

Bruce, Thanks for putting this together. I would most definitely be attending/ helping, but I won't be in town for several days that include the 17'th. Also, thanks to Valerie for providing space at Big Looy's. I hope FOGBEES & their friends show appreciation by attending.

philandlisa said...

We will attend and help in any way we can. Just tell us what to bring!

Christy said...

I'm in.

wttuckerjr said...

Sounds great. At this point our calendar is open, hopefully it will stay that way. How can we help?

Tommy & Rhonda

Nancy_P said...

I will be there. I think it will help me alot.

Nik the Stik said...

I'm There!

If Tommy and Rhonda will provide their expertise on post-crash medical assistance, I'll volunteer to fall off of my bike . . . again.

Did I say that?

Anything I need to bring?


coastdownhills said...

OK, looks like there is enough interest to proceed.
Bryan and I are still working on the details. He's been out of town and I'm lazy. But for now:
1. Everyone bring a front wheel with tire and the tool bag from their bike.
2. Anyone with a Bike stand bring that and a bike,
3. Anyone with a truing stand, bring it.
Maybe more later.
Guess Randy is in good spirits tonight. Florida humiliated my teams but at least they were humiliated by the best.

BOB G. said...

I will bring my work and truing stand. I will also bring my bike if needed. We may want to limit the number of bikes due to space limitations. Here is a idea maybe if someone has a few questions about their bike they may offer to bring it that way we can address their specfic issue.

Just my .02

coastdownhills said...

Good idea. Anyone with a specific question, post it here so we can research it and farm it out to the appropriate work station. But remember, this is for basic stuff.

Jennifer said...

I plan to attend. Let me know if you need any more tubes with nails through them.