Saturday, January 24, 2009


Moving this to the top so others may read and respond. We need at least one more committment - This will be a nice trip.

French Lick Springs hotel is where we plan to stay for our May 1, 2 and 3rd outing. This should be really nice, but it is not cheap. To get these rates we must commit to 10 rooms for 2 nights. What I mean by commit is one of us must sign a contract and guarantee the 10 rooms on a credit card. The regular rate for weekend nights at the hotel is $189 plus tax and a $12 resort fee. I have negotiated a $159 rate plus tax resort fee included. (approx $174 vs $220/night) We can also get double rooms for 4 people at $169 per night but we still must have 10 rooms. The resort fee is charged for use of putting greens, gym, swimming pool, hot tub, shuttle service, and a bunch of other amenities that I don't remember now but we get it free with a group rate.

The hotel is a resort recently upgraded for $500 million. It has 9 dining options, shops, riding stables, shuttle to the casino tours etc. Go to and look at all the amenities.

We will plan rides according to who signs up. We can have a Lite Ride Saturday and Sunday and a longer regular ride Saturday arranged to ensure a good time for all riders.

What we need is commitment for 10 rooms and I am willing to sign the contract and coordinate paying for the 10 rooms but I will need the cash for the rooms before I sign for this dollar amount. We can get more rooms, but 10 is the minimum for a group rate and discount. They indicated that they book up up to 60 days in advance so we need to act soon to get our rooms reserved and in a block.

If we don't have enough interest for 10 rooms, we can get a flat 10% off the $189 with AAA discount, but we will have to pay the resort fee.

OK FOGBEES this should be a really nice weekend, and if it is a weather bust, we can still enjoy a fine resort and casino -- BUCK UP AND SIGN UP!!!


philandlisa said...

If we see you on Saturday, we'll give you our check. Otherwise, we'll work out a way to get it to you. Now we only need 9 more commitments!
This sounds like a great trip - we're looking forward to it.

GARY said...

Cindy and I are definate. Put it on my account!

Mike said...

Sherry and I are in.


Tom B. said...

Can't make this one. After the school year is over is better for us.

monsieur cannonball said...

Doug, thanks for doing the point man work. This is a very nice venue whether one bikes or not. Rosemary and I are marking our calendars and are going with you.

BOB said...

Peggy and I are in.

wttuckerjr said...

Rhonda and I are in. Let us know when we need to get the money to you.

mad1next said...

I am sorry, I thought you had planned on this being 15-17 may. I am riding 3st3mt on 02 may. Nicole and I were looking forward to this but can't make it.

Tom_E said...

Sharyn & I are in. Do you have enough yet?

Donna said...

Hey, I'm in. I also thought this was going to be later, but I am definitely in! Randy may be joining (possibly riding) but not sure. Sign me up!