Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year from Montgomery


Doug_D said...

I only see 2 bikes. Who's slacking?? Happy New Year to all of you too.

coastdownhills said...

Don't get spoiled by all those nice smooth roads and exceptionally courteous Alabama drivers.

Tom_E said...

Riding around Montgomery creates a true appreciation of Tennessee. Alabama puts its rumble strip across the entire road.

coastdownhills said...

To be sure. Most of Alabama's roads are the equivalent of 20 mile long, 20 foot wide rumble strips. You do generally have a choice between log trucks and rough road.
You may remember I cringed when TDOT mentioned checking to see what surrounding states were doing regarding rumble strips. Then I relaxed at the realization that no one would seriously consider copying much of anything other than football from Alabama.
Bruce (Genuine Alabama native)