Friday, January 23, 2009


Time is running out please post if you would to be the first on you block to own a Fogbee hat. I will place the order on Tuesday morning.

Thanks to a great suggestion by Phil. We now have the FOGBEE hat. These are going to be embroidered by a local shop in Hendersonville. The cost for 1 hat is about $25 dollars. If we order 10 or more hats we can get them for $16.50 each.

I am going to order a couple of hats. Would anyone like to join me and take advantage of the discount. We have 3 color options Carolina Blue (matches the Fogbee Jersey) Royal Blue and Black.

Please respond if you would like to order by Jan 24
I will collect the money by Jan 31 and place the order
Delivery 1-2 weeks mid Feb

The link will show the hat we will be ordering


monsieur cannonball said...

Lookin' good Bob ! I'd like a Carolina blue and a black hat please. Also , I was wondering how much more our thread stitcher would charge to add to the back of the hat (if possible)


in white thread ?

Everybody oughta jump on Bob's excellent front end work to make this little dream a reality (:

Also thanks to Bob, Bruce , and Brian ( the killer b's ) for enhancing the FOGBEES aptitudes in bicycle mechanics. Great turn out yesterday. Sorry I had to leave early. Family matters called.

KJ said...

I'll go for a hat too!

GARY said...

2 black hats please---nothing on back

Nancy_P said...

I would like a black hat. Thanks for putting this together. I also would like a jersey. Got any extra in at least an XL. How do we get the money for the hat to you and when.


Doug_D said...

I would like 2 in the Royal Blue. What do you think about putting Hendersonville, TN on there somewhere??

Mike Poole said...

Hey Bob,
I will take a carolina blue one.

Thanks for championing this idea!!!


philandlisa said...

We will take 4 black hats. Give us a total (do we add tax?) and we'll send you a check.

Thanks Bob!

Phil & Lisa

Chad Moss said...

I would like a carolina blue one please.

BOB said...

Once we have the final count I will know how much the hats will cost. The $16.50 price included tax but we may get a price break depending on the number ordered.

Early Rider said...

I'll take a Carolina Blue for a big head.

Anonymous said...

I'll take one Carolina Blue and one Black.

Thanks for putting this together!

Tom_E said...

I'll order one in Carolina Blue