Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on Randy

First of all, let me state that Randy wanted to thank all for your thoughts and prayers sent his way. :o)
He has FINALLY had his open heart surgery this morning (Jan 27) and seems to be doing well. (at 8:30pm he had already had the tube removed and was awake and alert---big difference from last time!) The surgery was moved up to today from Feb 4th (thank God!) due to some ER visits he had because of bp inconsistencies. He was glad to move it up and I think it was a better choice.
Bruce, the Dr. was Dr. Clay, (your friend might know him...btw, saw in a report down here that Stan was first Dr. here to perform OH surgery in 1981!)
anyway, Randy was eager to get back on a bike or run, (won't be for awhile) but Dr. says he will ride again! :o)


Tom_E said...

Donna, thanks for the update. We were wondering how he was progressing. It sounds like the miracles of medicine are going to get him back on his bike.

coastdownhills said...

Great news. I have not had contact with Stan since our last class reunion about 5 years ago. The University of Alabama School of Medicine Alumni association is in turmoil over changing the name and making it just one of the UAB schools. Since I don't care and think it's just one more piece of madness rampant in Alabama, I've lain low.

Randy may very well be return better than ever. A lot of people do.