Monday, February 23, 2009

Mayor wants to make Nashville friendlier to walkers, bicyclists

In case you didn't see this article in The Tennessean.


coastdownhills said...

Good post. I'd missed the article. The follow up comments are also interesting. The one about gays and liberals is especially nostalgic for me as an update on an old prejudice. Back in the day in Alabama, only Communist (prominence of Eastern Europeans in pro cycling) and queers (tight pants) road a bicycle. Back then I was neither but now the liberal tag might fit, at least by that guy's definition.

Tom_E said...

Mayor Dean has taken over the reins from Mayor Purcell who was a great friend to cycling in Nashville (Purcell built & once a month, as a show of support, walked the Greenways that we all enjoy). LAB has awarded Chattanooga with Honorable Mention for Bicycle Friendly City while noting Memphis to be one of the worst in the Nation. So I don't quite understand the ranking in the article. Toks, Mayor Dean's BPAC manager, takes issue with that ranking for which he has every right. Nashville continues to make great strides toward being Bicycle Friendly. The City is DOING what we can only dream about in Hendersonville. As Bruce notes, it is important to read the COMMENTS. They give a good flavor of the attitudes of the residents.

Nik the Stik said...

What an incredible amount of sterotyping by people who were so intent on sputtering their myopic opinions that they could not even spell correctly.

Still, it also bothered me that the guy who occasionally rode out of necessity implied that folks with the $2K bikes were pro-entitlement.

Yet, probably any one of us will do more for the communities we live and ride in, the environment, and our health, than 10 of those folks.