Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jack 'n' Back 2009 update

Ladies and gents, fellow FOGBEES, and future FOGBEES, hear ye , hear ye !
Thanks to our blog administrator ( aka the venerable Tom Evans ) we now have a go to place for communicating about the 2009 MS to Jack 'n' Back charity ride. Now that we've experienced some 85 degree summer temps on the blacktop of middle Tennesse, the ride to Motlow State College and Lynchburg doesn't seem so far away.

With that said, I encourage you to click on to the MS web site and team FOGBEES site for the Jack 'n' Back. Tom has made it easy and convenient with his digital magic.

First order on the agenda.... it's not too early to begin booking rooms in Tullahoma for our overnight stay ( and yes, I'm still stickin' to my pledge to let no sour mash touch these lips the night of the bar-b-que dinner on the hill; may have to reneg on a beer or two--- what is a true blue FOGBEE to do ). Check the list of motels with bus service indicated on the MS web site. My intention has been to keep the pack together; however, certain individual spirits have suggested byob ( buy your own bed ). Either way I'd like to know if anyone has a preference as to motels , roomates, lack of roomates, etc. Besides last years' Executive Inn, I've stayed at the Hampton Inn in Tullahoma and found it very nice. I've also stayed in Shelbyville and do not recommend it due to transportation challenges.

Post your heart's desire and I'll be happy to reserve rooms stat. The Executive Inn was by default last year 'cause everywhere else on the list was booked.

How 'bout it FOGBEES ? Are you ready to ride for the cause ? Are you ready to party Lynchburg style ?

p.s. I was offered a barrel tasting job at JD's but had to tell them I already had a day
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Tom B. said...

I plan to take my room with me and sleep on the ground at Motlow. It is very convenient ! :)

BOB said...

Either hotel is fine with me I am planning on getting a single room.

bkortness said...

got my room the way, I am not taking the blame this year if someone drinks too much. And Phil, this year, it is my turn to ride your back wheel all the way back to Franklin.

Tom_E said...

Pick a good one. All have been fine, except Shelbyville which is just too far away.

GARY said...

I will take a Hampton Inn room sir phil

monsieur cannonball said...

Thanks for the early replys. My buddy and fellow apprentice , Jeff Smythe, agreed to go again this year and he'll room with me as we've done for three years previous.

I'm gonna call the Hampton Inn tonight.

Mike Poole said...

i will be staying in the presidential suite on the "grounds" at Motlow college. 150 miles of beautiful TN countryside, a great cause, good friends, 2 wheels and 3 "X"'s on my hand...can't wait!

Donna said...

I won't be riding this year :o(
My mother will be turning 80 years old and my sibs are planning a surprise party in Illinois. HAve a great time! I will be thinking of you all! Especially that last mile and a half up to Motlow!