Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring 3 day tour, May 23, 24, 25, Memorial Weekend

The stars did not align for me to participate in the French Lick excursion and I had resigned myself to no Spring Tour this year for the first time this millennium. Then Fogbee #1 encouraged me to re-examine my priorities and my schedule. The result is a redo of last year's Three-Day Tour (includes a video) which all seemed to enjoy. Good weather helped. Click here is my proposal for the Fogbee Spring 3 day tour 2009.

Two people are already planning to not ride Saturday and join us at Henry Horton for one and two days. Each day is about 60 miles and less hilly than average for middle Tennessee. The overall pace will be slower than anything you've ever done on a group ride and frequent stops are to be expected.


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GARY said...

I am negotiating a deal with Cindy which could cost me some $$$ but my agent says I may be able to do the Sunday and Monday ride. I'd say it looks good right now. Gary