Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brian's Creme' de la Creme' Hill Ride

Having bailed on the Big Hill Challenge & the Tour de Nash, I sought redemption this sabbath by purging my unrequited soul and following the prophet in the wilderness of hilly Sumner County, Brian Kortness. Contemplating my first ascent up McMurtry ( CannOnball's work better when shot down hill ) , I pedaled with particular angst up one side of Hogan Branch and coasted down the other wondering if I'd have to dismount before cresting McMurtry.

After climbing McMurtry, followed in succession by Mud Hollow, Cummins, and Longview, I pinched myself as I hurdled down the west facing slope of Longview realizing that, yes, fat old guys can. True, I was the last rider to the top of each hill; however, my confidence level has elevated for riding tougher terrain.

Next time Brian posts this ride, you should do it ! If this genuinely Fat Old Guy on a Bike can do it so can you.

Thanks to Brian and Tom Benim for hanging with me and inspiring me to take on the creme' de la creme' of our local hills. I look forward to another "training" ride.


Tom B. said...

I second M. le Cannonball's thoughts.

It was a great, confidence inspiring and challenging ride.

Bryan is going to try to hold this ride once a month.

I too appreciate that Bryan, John D', Andrea, and Jim held back. Musta been their recovery days.

Tom_E said...

You peddle up hills because you have to, not because you want to. It's the only way to get to the other side. There's not enough oxygen on those hills (or gear ratio) to get me up four of them. And always looking at everyone's rear tire get boring.

Chad Moss said...

Bryan, this was a great and challenging ride. Sadly, I had to follow Mike back to Hendersonville afterwards.

Chad Moss said...

I tried to post my Garmin data from this ride (i.e. grade/elevation/etc.) but can't figure it out. If anyone wants the screen shot from these hills emailed to them, let me know.


Mike Poole said...

Great route on Sunday bro! Great job to all those who tamed the beast...Phil, Tom you guys rock! Nice job to Chad and Dave too. Nice pace out there. By the way, we had a dog incident coming down to the base of Hogan's Branch. Several doggies ran into the road and one large blond retriever mix tried to take Chad and I out. Keep an eye out when bombing down the gap and the north side.