Monday, May 11, 2009

Handful of Fogbees Brave Big Hill Challenge

Photobucket While some crawled back into bed, these five showed up and represented the Fogbees in Watertown. The start was delayed an hour as organizers altered the route around flooding roads. When the ride started, so did the rain and it kept up for two hours. But hey, the rushing creeks and Caney Fork and numerous cascades falling into the hollows were an added attraction. Allan and Phil, I have messages for you from others that were looking for you.


Doug_D said...

You guys are true troopers. I probably would have come if it were not for my wisdom teeth removal. Still recovering from that.

Tom_E said...

At 5:30A we (Phil, Bruce, and I) looked at the radar and made an accurate prognostication - this event was going to be rained out. At 6:00A I was on the phone with David advising them of the soon to arrive deluge. I am sorry this ride got rained on. The 66-mile version of the BHC is one of our favorites with fantastic scenery and best after ride lunch. As is so often said, "There's always next year."

Mike Poole said...

I am proud of you guys!! I really wanted to do this ride but I have to say that after I looked at the radar and consequently went back to bed, that additional 4 hours of sleep was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!