Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phil's Surgery

Today is Phil's surgery on his knee. To wish him well, Gary has prepared a JibJag Best Wishes, which he has asked us to post. You can view it by clicking on the following link.


Mike Poole said...

i am sooooo glad i got to see the cannonball and his cannon dance across my laptop screen! yikes!

KJ said...

I hear that Phil's operation went well. We'll all have to raise a beer for Phil and wish him a speedy recovery!

monsieur cannonball said...

I'm not sure Jib Jab has or will ever offer a more endearing get well card. I've ridden my ass off, worked my ass off, but I don't recall having danced my ass off. Look out "Dancing With the Stars" and "America's Got Talent".

Fortunately, my bruise is a fading fancy and my surgery is now 12 hours behind ( punn intended ) me.
Other than the fact that I'm struggling to type this while in a drug altered state of mind, I seem to be doing well. My surgery went well accorgin to my d0c Elrod. by the way he is a premo orthopedist whom I will always recommend with the highest degree of respect and confidence should you aever require such services yourself. Though its still early in the post game, the articulation of my knee is smoother and less painful thant its been since I double whammied it cominng down Le Conte and kissing the assphalt (drugged but apropro misspelling ).

Dont' want to predict a comeback ride just yet, but I am more optimistic now that the scope has done its wonder. Only hope I've got enoudh meniscus to keep the ol' bones from grinding toghether too much climbing the Gap and Willow. I see a LaLoma or Looys rendevouz in the not didtant future as a distinct possiblity, if you don't mind a pedestrian butting in ( oh no i did it again ).

Though long winded, I will continue to praise the FOGBEES and the devoted friendship that has been fosterd within its ranks. Thank your for your prayers, beers, jokes, and comraderies at a time when it would be too easy to suffer anonymously. Feel free to butt into my life at any time.

Scott Mena said...

Well Phil, glad it went well, I have dibs on buying your beer after your first recovery run,,,, Get well soon!!!!!