Sunday, July 26, 2009


Time for a comeback ! Come back to the Jack 'n' Back to ride for Multiple Sclerosis, F()GBEE fun, and the best two day tour around ( unless you're with Bruce Day ).

Some who are participating have yet to register on the MS Jack'n'Back team site. Go ahead and get your name on the roster so we can better envision the F()GBEE peloton cruising to Motlow State College. As last year, accomodations are tight ( unless camping ) and arrangements will have to be nailed down in the next 8 weeks as to who is where and who is riding with whom. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns ASAP.

Updated info on rooms and roomates are as follows ( if you have a ? mark by your name, then let us know whether a bed is available ) :

1) Philip V. & Jeff Smythe
2) Doug & Marsha
3) Tom Evans & Mike Knake
4) Phil & Lisa Houston
5) Allen Ehmling & Ed Thomas
6) Christy Tedrow & ?
7) Gary Williams
8) Bob Gluting

I just phoned the Exec Inn and determined that currently there are no vacancies. Also determined that no roll aways are available; however, I bet if you threw a sleeping bag on the baggage truck you could sleep on the floor if need be.

Sorry that I've not been riding lately. Please chat via the blog since I may not be on the road for a few weeks yet. ** Phil "Cannonball" Vickery **

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