Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hounds of Baskerville (er, ah, Bug Hollow)

Hey all, on a ride up Bug Hollow with Dave M. and Mike K., we encountered three very aggressive dogs. Although they were small (20 pounders or so), all three had better sprint techniques than Mark Cavendish. One of them actually bit the back of my shoe (unfortunately for his teeth).

After parting ways with Dave and Mike, I met the hounds again on my descent. This time I was riding about 25 mph and steered directly at them. They scattered but regained their composure in time to chase me for another quarter mile when I hosed them down with my water bottle........this ended the chase.

Just a heads up. At least one was a pure breed, and another had a collar which suggest to me they belong to someone. I will be riding there again very soon to determine if they enjoy the smell and feel of Halts!


Tom_E said...

Those dogs are on our Hazards Page. One of them bit me two years ago on back of leg while riding "up" bug hollow. That is why we only ride "down" the road. You can outrun them. However, you should call the Sheriff. Number on same page. There is a county wide lease law.

KJ said...

I have used Halt once before when a dog made it all the way to my heal.

He was very shy after that and took a long time to get courage up enough to do more than bark.

Do be careful if any other riders are near when you spray stuff like that, wind direction is IMPORTANT! I was behind a sprayer once and I'll say it doesn't taste good.