Saturday, July 25, 2009


Gary here on vacation with the family in Sunny, Hot and Very Humid Panama City Beach, Florida. Well I brought my bike and did a very easy, flat 55 miles on Friday. Thought I'd let you know that I came across a very rare creature down here that is virtually extinct in Tennessee that I believe is called a "DESIGNATED BIKE LANE". This rare bike lane is everywhere here in the Gulf Coast area and I will be taking it to Destin early in the morning for a flat 75 mile ride round trip. I hope you all had a great ride today and I will see everyone on Tuesday night.


Tom_E said...

It sounds like you are riding on Rt98. The road and marked bike lane is on chipseal which is considerable less desirable than TN roads without Bike Lanes. I recommend you depart RT98 at CR 30A and take it. It eventually rejoins RT 98. CR 30A has a bike sidepath good only for townies so you'll want to stay on the road. It's a pleasant ride and you'll enjoy it. I've done it numerous times. Cars expect to see bikes since bikes greatly outnumber cars in this area.

Doug_D said...

I like the hat