Friday, July 31, 2009

Last night's meeting and Kids' Triathlon

. . With about 12 particpants attendance at last night's MPO meeting was anemic and may have undermined importance of bicycling and walking in Sumner County that attendance at the February meeting expressed. (I don't know how it compares to other counties with which Sumner is competing for attention.) Nevertheless, the open discussion periods were lively and beneficial.
. . At the end of the meeting Charlene (aka SpinJunkie) from Kids' Triathlon made an appeal for volunteers. She is still 10 volunteers short. The timing of the Triathlon does not interfere with other FOGBEE activities. In fact the group will be riding on the Triathlon course almost immediately at the completion of kids' ride. So all anyone has to do to help is to awake a couple of hours earlier. Never seemed to bother most when they choose to head out of town for a Charity Ride. Please see earlier post for info on how you can help.

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