Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tour de Hilton Head

Greetings from Hilton Head Island, the Cannonball is recuperating gradually as he looks out upon the undulating, sea oat enshrouded dunes facing the Atlantic Ocean. With frozen daiquiri in one hand and stogie in the other, he contemplates his biking future while relishing thoughts of returning to the FOGBEES fold.

I've been using the pool for real therapy and can now climb steps with greater ease. According to Dr. Elrod, my orthopedist, I'm still a few weeks away from cycling on the open road. I'll test out the spin bikes at the Y before venturing out on the peninsula back in Hendersonville.

On the upside I've had the leisurely capacity to watch the live telecast of each stage of the Tour de France while sequestered in my vacation condo at Palmetto Dunes. How 'bout that Lance !?! He's my inspiration ( on a more sublime level ) as he just missed getting the yellow jersey by 0.22 seconds yesterday. Watching the breakaways and echelons in the crosswind driven early stages has been exciting. Kind of reminds me of coming back from Thomas Drugs earlier this year with Doug, Jennifer, and I drafting one another to survive the wind swept Highland Rim along Cross Plains Road.

Keep the roads warm 'til I can once again enjoy your camaraderie.


GARY said...

Hey Phil. Your friend Gary here. Good to see that you are relaxing and having a good time. We all miss the CannonBall and hope your back on the cycle soon.

Scott Mena said...

Glad you're having fun and recouperating nicely. Look forward to when you come back... Until then, I'll drink in your place for you!!!:)