Thursday, August 13, 2009

new FOGBEE rap song

Sorry guys, my computer linking skills are stinking

so I was forced to redo my thinking

follow the link to You Tube and search " Robin Moore"

for his video "Performance" and a tune you can't ignore


philandlisa said...


Caledonia said...

Hey M'sieur C, It took awhile to find the right Robin Moore and his "Performance" video; 'tis a good'n! Here is another you might enjoy: . Smack on the upper left button in the upper right rectangle to start it going. This site has links to a lot of other tunes by your 'Nam favorites like Tom Paxton and others. Enjoy!

Doug_D said...

I pump up my tires and I oil my chain----too!! Performance it's the name of the game!!!

Scott Mena said...

That's Awesome!!!