Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Associate Membership - Bike Walk Tennessee

As you know several FOGBEES are active in Statewide Cycling Advocacy and have participated in forming an Advocacy Corporation to promote cycling and pedestrian interests in Tennessee. Their Web Site is here.
The organization has provided Associate Memberships where groups with similar interests can add their voice. I am requesting that the FOGBEES become members. There is NO cost and the membership details are on their Web Site.
Please COMMENT as to your approval/disapproval.


coastdownhills said...


This is a link to the association pledge, which is the heart of an Associate member.

As the Fogbees have no elected officers and no bylaws, basically no rules, your comments on how you feel are very important to our credibility for speaking for the group.

Of course, I'm in favor of the Fogbees being an Associate member and also encourage all the Fogbees to go to the website link on the parent post, click on membership, and join individually. Bike Walk Tennessee is our current best hope for having a state wide agency to advocate for all our interest. A lot of good things and a few bad ones are happening statewide. Bike Walk Tennessee will facilitate the spread of the good things like law enforcement education going on in the Knoxville area while impeding the bad like attempts to ban cyclists from rural roads.

Nik the Stik said...

I agree with Tom and Bruce. BWT has the opportunity to further bicycling enhancements in Tennessee. A huge part of that effort will be when organized groups put a 'face' on the state advocacy body. When we wear our FOGBEE jersey's, we wear responsibility. What better way to show responsibility in Tennessee cycling's future than to be official associate members.

Tom B. said...


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Caledonia said...

Approve with two thumbs up, way up!