Sunday, November 15, 2009

Northeast Corridor Mobility Study report

The Nashville MPO is considering three options for mass transit from Gallatin to Downtown Nashville
1. Bus Rapid Trnasit or light rail that would follow what we all call Gallatin Rd from Gallatin to Downtown. This has the advantage of connecting existing population centers and would have multiple runs during the day. The down side is it would take longer to get from Gallatin to Downtown than the other options.
2. BRT or Light Rail along Ellington Parkway, then connect to Viet Nam Vets/386 to Gallatin. Advantage is there is existing right of way for most of the path. It would be a quicker trip with fewer stops than the Gallatin Rd option but would also have fewer access points.
3. Commuter Rail (Like Music City Star) along CSX right of way. This would only run duing rush hours but would be by far quickest route. Downside is most expensive, have to deal with CSX, and would be into next century getting done.

There was some talk of having bike routes to stations. My only contribution was a plea to be sure they had facilities for bike parking and for bikes on whatever bus or train they eventually got. This meeting was mostly about routes but I don't want them to forget us or they very likely will. One of the possible excursions I'd considered is a bike ride to Lebanon, ride the Music City Star to Downtown, then bike back to Hendersonville. The bike part is doable today but the Music City Star lists only places for two bicycles in the space reserved for wheelchairs and then only if a wheelchair does not show up. That does not exactly encourage bike commuting. From what I can tell there would probably be room for bikes most of the time but I'd not show up expecting to ride with my bike without some prior arrangement.

Anyone interested in more info can find it at this Nashville MPO link.

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Caledonia said...

11/16/2009. I attended the MPO meeting this evening at Fifty Forward Madison Station. Nothing to add to Bruce's report. My impression is that the CSX alternatives are going nowhere due to comparatively high costs, heavy freight traffic on the CSX tracks, and CSX attitude. After the meeting I spoke with a young MPO lady (didn't get her name) about bicycle facilities and she assured me they have received much comment about this matter. Glad to see Freddie McDonnell of Walk/Bike Nashville attending. The MPO home page is at It has a link to many documents. Contact person is Felix Castrodad, Nashville Area MPO, 615-862-7157,