Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh What a Day !

Thanks, Tom, for choosing a great ride route for us today. I liked your weather best. I'd forgotten how beautiful Wallace Rd valley is to ride , especially going uproad so one has time to appreciate the changing of the seasons ( and to listen to the Dollies and Rhondas chirping along the babbling brook ). Kudos to Bob G. for hammering the wind coming down Station Camp and to Dollie who proved pink power prevails at Wallace summit. Indeed we rallied more riders than since the Jack 'n' Back. Man that seems s-o-o-o long ago.


Tom_E said...

Everyone seemed to enjoy the ride. Wallace is a great route, but Big Bob made the selection. I just fixed his map to match what he wanted to do.
After so many rained out events, it was great finally to have that PERFECT ride.

coastdownhills said...

Happy is a Fogbee in the sunshine. That was me at Sam's.

GARY said...

I had a great ride. It was challenging but what else is new? :)