Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ravenwood Greenway Update

This fine Thursday afternoon I pedaled 22 1/2 miles roundtrip from my house to PP Dam via the greenway routes. The part by Ravenwood CC is completely paved with nice smooth asphalt. The railing which will separate the greenway path from the roadway has not yet been installed. At the intersection with Lebanon Road a greenway turnoff is under construction which goes to the old wrought iron bridge; the crushed stone has been placed but no asphalt yet. At the other end of the bridge (nearest Kohl's entrance) earth-moving equipment was busy constructing a 180-degree bend to route the greenway back under the old and new bridges. Once across Lebanon Road I took a look at the other end of this work in progress. From Kohl's parking lot there is now coarse asphalt pathway going to concrete pavement under both bridges, then graded pathway with crushed stone base course up to the end of the old bridge where work was currently going on. When completed this will be a safer way to get on the other side of Lebanon Road. However, it will be a corkscrew with sharp curves and short steep grades on both sides, esp on the Ravenwood CC side; gearshifting and pedaling thru this smoothly will take a bit of learning I predict.

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