Monday, January 11, 2010

Silver Comet Tour May 7 to May 9

The survey indicated 62% could go on the tour May 7 to May 9. In addition, I had 3 verbal withdrawals for May 23 as this is the Komen Ride and high school graduation weekend. 75% of those responding want a morning ride on Sunday, so I will arrange that also. Now is the time to start training. this is a long ride.

I need tentative commitments so I can try to negotiate group room rates. Please post if you plan to ride. More to come soon.


GARY said...

Cindy and I are going.

Nancy_P said...

I will be going and maybe a couple of friends as well. Thanks for doing this.

monsieur cannonball said...

I doubt we'll make the event. I'll be with my mom, Mildred, and with Hannah & Erin's mom, Rosemary celebrating Mother's Day.

Sorry to miss this adventure with the FOGBEES gang.