Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tragic Death of Sharon Bayler

This weekend we had the tragic death of Sharon Bayler, 52, in Lincoln County. The Board members of Bike Walk TN are trying to determine how this incident could have been avoided because it doesn't appear anyone involved was at fault. Although accidents still occur when everyone does everything right, please take precautions.
1) Remain alert at all times to traffic on all sides. Use a rear view mirror.
2) Learn to ride as far to the Right as practical. When possible give motorist 3 feet, to pass you.
3) Bicyclist may have the right to be on all non-interstate roads, but that does not mean we should. Choose your routes wisely.
4) Size determines privilege. Bicyclists will loose all battles with motorists. The roads were designed for them, not us. Ride defensively.
5) Always wear clothing that makes you easily seen (e.g. FOGBEE Jersey) and always use lights (front and back) and reflectors when visibility is low.
6) Be extra cautious on routes in which motorist's vision may be impaired by the sun, which in Sharon's case was at 2PM.

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coastdownhills said...

Bruce's Bicycling Maxim #2- You are more like a possum than a Buick.