Thursday, June 17, 2010


What an amazing response to the St. Louis trip. Presently we have approximately 30 people (20 riders) who plan on riding on the MCT Trails in August! The trip will be August 13th-15th so pray for great weather. Because of the scale of people going its been decided that a cook out at my brother in laws may not work bc of the amount of food needed and preparing it. There are many good restaurants in the area and we can meet at one or have dinner at the hotel. Which brings us to the hotel. I was aghast to find out recently that the Country Hearth did not have 15 rooms available and thought the trip was doomed but bc of my brother in laws quick thinking he suggested we stay in Collinsville (5 miles south of Edwardsville at the beautiful "Doubletree Hotel". It is rated on Trip Advisor as the #1 hotel in that area and has a direct street corridor about two blocks from the southern part of the MCT Schoolhouse Trail ! It has a Porters Steakhouse in the hotel and a great Mexican restaurant next door. I am trying to negotiate a group rate but even on you can get a room for $98 per night which is only $5.00 per night more than the Country Hearth. The Schoolhouse Trail is beautiful and is a great place to start the ride. you will love it. As soon as I can confirm a group rate I suggest you go ahead and get your reservation booked. I will work on the details of the trip in the next few weeks and keep you posted.


Lenny said...

Dolly and I didn't reply in the first post about this trip but we will be going. As soon as you find out the group rate we will book our room. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait.

Ed T said...

Gary, Gail and I are trying to work this in as a diversion on our trip to TN so keep us in mind.