Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maintaining the Bike

Bicycle Tutor is an excellent website with instructions and videos (48 by last count) on how to repair and maintain a bike.  It is so good it deserves to be included on the FOGBEE blog  - see the Menu Bar under the Banner.


BOB G. said...

Nice site and it is a great addtion to the blog.

coastdownhills said...

After reviewing most of the tutorials, I find them spot on. He glosses over some of the more difficult aspects, such as adjusting cones on cup and cone bearings. Well he does say it may take few tries. I'd say for the first timer, it will take a few tries. But all the important stuff is there in an understandable format. Certainly better that the total of the three grease coated bike repair manuals on my bookshelf.

Tom_E said...

After watching these video I went after my front and rear deraillers that blew up on me on the hill on Tinnen Rd. and forced me to hobble along on Swift Rd. After an hour of doing barrel adjustments and pulling cable that had stretched, I actually had the bike shifting smoothly, almost as smoothly as Travis once had it. So these videos can help save some money.