Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekends ride to and back from Jack Daniels was a fun experience. Saturday was beautiful and proud to say Miley, Jon, myself and Mike did almost 80 miles at around 19 MPH. The ride Sunday was a lesson in tolerance. With a 15-25 mph headwind all the way back everyone was exhausted. A shout out to the 14 Fogbees that rode (plus the Postman who rode 60+ miles from Gallatin Sunday am to meet us in Shelbyville at 8am for the 59 mile ride back!!!). Congrat's to Jimmy, Doug M., Roger, Doug D., Phil, Allen, James, Mark, Nicole and Bob for their efforts. (hope i didn't leave anyone out). Look forward to next years ride.


jon cherry said...

This was my first Jack & Back and I had a great time. the ride down was a blast and we made great time on the long route. It was fun to relax after the ride and enjoy some $4.50 32 oz beers and even better enjoying some free lynchburg lemonades. As far as the ride backs goes, all I can say is Miley and I survived. Thanks to everyone who was there for such a great weekend

Mark H said...

My first Jack an Back was a great experience. Saturday was so much fun. Sunday was such a test of will against that nasty headwind.