Friday, October 22, 2010

Fogbeee Jerseys

I have Fogbee Jerseys for the following people. lease post if you are planning to ride so I can get them to you, or we can make other arrangements.

Mike Keller, Bobbie Manis, Mark & Monica
Jeff & Kerrie, Lenny, Danny Denning

Bandanna's: Jeff, Gary
I have 4 Bandannas for sale $10 each first come


Mark H said...

I am planning to ride the Bell Witch, Springfield ride Saturday if I can find the start. I had asked for a bandana in addition to the jerseys.

Jeff said...

Hey Bob, I got Kerrie and I's jersey from Mike Knake, however my bandana wasn't included...Just don't want you to sell it on me :-) Thanks!

Early Rider said...

Bob, what does the bandana look like?