Monday, October 11, 2010

Scottsboro Ride Report

While many of you were on the Jack and Back David Irvine and I were reveling in Scottsboro, AL. We crisscrossed the J&B route as evidenced by road markings along the way.  The ride was terrific, especially the great climb out of Winchester. David did get dog bit and despite continued worrisome drainage for a few days, has recovered. The Marshall county Sheriff's department were on the case and very helpful. 

One of the pictures shows some new rumbles on SR 270 between Chapel Hill and Shelbyville. The road was not rumbled in Marshall county but was in Bedford.  Best I can tell the rumbles fit the new TDOT minimum rumble specifications but they were still bad enough to have us seeking and alternate route after two miles.  There's just no way around it, any rumble on a road with narrow shoulders makes it very difficult for cycling if there is any motorized traffic.

Scottsboro ride images



monsieur cannonball said...

Do they have a clan "Cannonball" ? Makes me feel my McMillon roots seeing David all decked out in kilt and such.

I've done the Winchester hill to the Walls of Jericho sign where Bruce stands, but by car. Heck of a climb boys !

By the way did the dog die of an overdose of Scotch ?!?

Caledonia said...

Deputy Sheriff Worsham directed the owner to keep the dog penned for 10 days to see if it got sick from biting me; that confinement expired last Sunday and no calls from Deputy Worsham so I guess I'm off the the hook Scot-free! BTW, I Googled Clan McMillon and your clan is as colorful as Bruce's Clan Guthrie and my Clan Irwin. For all you Englishmen out there you are invited to Clan MacBubba. Incidentally, I told my sister that wearing a kilt gave me a new appreciation for the problems women have with dresses; sis said I should try it with pantyhose. :::o)