Sunday, October 17, 2010


FOGBEES do Tunnel Hill State Trail in Southern Illinois.  Visit our PhotoAlbum on Shutterfly, where many have already posted their pictures or watch a couple of slide shows by Phil or by Tom (select FULL screen mode).  For those who wondered how road bikes w/25-mm tires do on the trail hard-pack, the easiest answer is -- we were able to pedal along at 22mph whenever we chose.  We rode from Vienna to Stonefort on one of the most ideal days for cycling, with great colors, great weather, and great company. Thanks Bob for this great find.


Caledonia said...

Great photos of a great trail and its scenery; thanks! DTI

Nancy_P said...

Great fun all day long. Thanks for the idea and the company. Pictures are also good.

Anne said...

What a great day! Thanks everyone for a great ride.