Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lower Station Camp Moves Forward

Gang, I purposely didn’t respond a few days [to Tom Evans note on threats to Federal Funding] again knowing yesterday was our monthly county commission meeting. Why, yesterday was a HUGE day for those of us supporting greenways and bike paths! You may or may not be aware that we (the County) have had some federal grant money sitting on the sidelines waiting to be used (due to matching monies) and in last night meeting myself with my fellow commissioners allocated $185,000.00 for the matching money needed to get the ball rolling. This will complete our matching obligations and get the ball rolling for the engineering, survey’s etc. etc. to start the greenway and work on the old courthouse at lower station. I have other info to share down the road so please keep me posted as to any future meetings.

As always anyone feel free to call me at anytime, PG
Paul R. Goode, United States Senator Bob Corker

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