Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now you can ride "green" and in style.

Museeuw Bikes introduces flax-reinforced bicycle

Belgium-based Museeuw Bikes has combined carbon fiber and flax in its new MF-5 frame; the company says the flax helps mitigate microshocks and increases rider comfort.

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Museeuw bike frame

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp and Masters of Linen (both based in Paris, France) announced on March 3 that bicycle manufacturer Museeuw Bikes (Lokeren, Belgium) has introduced what is said to be the first bicycle frame made with a hybrid weave consisting of carbon fibers interwoven with natural flax fibers. Museeuw says flax content of the frames is 80 percent.

Unidirectional flax and carbon are applied layer by layer and used in the three main tubes of the MF-5 frame, the fork and in the rear-stays. Museeuw Bikes reports that the shock-absorbing properties of flax fibers offer several advantages to the cyclist; in particular, the flax fiber absorbs microshocks more effectively than competing composite frames, boosting rider comfort.

Museeuw reportedly considering use of flax in other bicycle components that are subject to vibration and shocks.


monsieur cannonball said...

Sounds like an engineers dream or perhaps a new brand of health cereal.

coastdownhills said...

The world's highest fiber bike.

Early Rider said...

Maybe you can eat it if you get stranded and hungry.